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Thank you to everyone who has visited this website to read the story of the Garcia Family -- written by my grandfather Jorge L. Garcia in 2012, with help from his wife and my grandmother Perla Menendez Garcia. Originally, my mother Lisa Covello Garcia asked my grandparents to write down all of the Cuban recipes that we knew and loved. But Grandpa had a better idea -- to write down his history and the history of our family so that the story could be told for generations to come. Over the years we have shared the physical copies with friends and family, and now in order to ensure the stories are never lost, I've shared it here. Feel free to share the link around, and even drop a comment, story, or picture below. 

Thank you,

George L. Garcia III - a.k.a. "Three"



At Alexa's Annual Birthday/NYE Party

(George, Grandpa, GIII, Lisa, Alexa, Perla)

(If you are on mobile, tap the image below and the story will open)

In loving memory of Jorge (1936-2019) and Perla Garcia (1942-2020)

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